Did you know you can still bake really good cake without using an oven? How? You ask….Using a jiko. A jiko is basically a charcoal stove. The best kind of jiko to use is one that has a thick clay lining that can hold some heat in it even after removing the hot charcoal. The many cakes I’ve made on the jiko taste really good and for some reason none has ever flopped; they cook to perfection.

With that said, let’s make some cake. You definitely must have a jiko, sufuria and a fitting lid to begin with.

Cake Batter Ingredients
3 cups Whole wheat flour
2 Tablespoons of Cinnamon
3 eggs
100g Brown sugar
100g Margarine
I tablespoon Baking powder
A pinch of salt

300g cocoa powder
300g confectioners sugar
100g whipped cream

Mix all of the wet & dry ingredients separately then fold them in together till they form a smooth bather. In the meantime, ensure that the jiko is lit and ready to go. Get a sufuria, grease the base and the sides with margarine then pour the batter into the sufuria then cover. Before placing it onto the jiko, scoop most the hot charcoal and place it carefully on the lid. After that, place the sufuria on the jiko.


(Be careful not to drop hot coal on yourself) And since a jiko has no timer (Lol), set a 30 minute reminder on your phone. The cake will be done by then.
After getting it off the heat, let it cool off in the sufuria. If you try removing it while it’s still hot it might fall apart.


As it cools, get a clean bowl and wooden spoon. Mix the cocoa powder, confectioners sugar and cream until smooth and not too light.


Once you are certain that the cake has cooled down, pour some of the chocolate on the cake and spread it out.


You can make some patterns on it or leave it plain.


But the patterns work great even though mine look a little messed up 😀


It’s as easy as that 🙂


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